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LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson Opens About Struggles of Being a Famous Parent of a Toddler

Kelly Clarkson is one of the most honest and real celebrities that you could ever meet. Yes, we've known that for years, but we are reminded about how honset and real she is whenever we get to hear from her. We recently caught up with Kelly Clarkson for an exclusive interview where she opened up...
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LISTEN: Kelly Clarkson Talks About Her Favorite Tracks to Perform on Stage

Kelly recently caught up with us for an EXCLUSIVE interview, so we asked her about her favorite songs to perform live.
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WATCH: Rachel Platten Reflects on the Impact Of "Fight Song" & More

Rachel Platten 's double-platinum hit "Fight Song" has been heard everywhere for the past years. So does the 36-year-old pop star ever get sick of talking about the track? We asked her that very question in part two of our EXCLUSIVE interview.
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